Defiance Gin is an ultra smooth pemium gin with a unique combination of wild foraged botanicals.

16 botanicals create our sublime smooth and more-ish gin. We steep foraged Sweet Cicely (Lancs/Yorks/Wales). Springtime Spruce Tips (Chorley, Lancashire). Tangerine Root (Anglia).


Defiance gin, distilled in Greater Manchester, UK, has been voted the best in the world at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), 2020. Up against more than 3000 entries, Defiance Navy Strength won the ‘Best in Show, Unaged White Spirit’ category.

For the true gin connoisseur, Defiance Distillery’s Gin Academy gives you the chance to experience first-hand the art and science of creating your own unique bottle of gin while the Defiance Bar provides you with a choice of gins/rums from the Defiance and Flight Club range.