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Crystal Infused Gin, takes time, conscious intention, the best organic ingredients possible and the world's greatest Gin Distiller, the “Banksy” of Gin, the Founder of Defiance Gins, Paul Sheerin (Best in Show & Double Gold winner of the San Francisco World Spirit Awards 2020). Enters ‘Left-field genre-crossing maverick (Guitar Magazine Jan 2020) singer-songwriter and highly regarded creative Kirsty Almeida and here you have it - a gin that’s filled with creativity.

We don’t believe alcohol is measured by the quantity of consumption but rather that all things on earth provide purpose and value, alcohol is no exception.

The world's first Crystal Infused Spirit, Moonbird weaves ceremony and magic into your tonic, tapped under a new moon, ceremonially whispered to with sweet melodies, and distilled with the finest pure waters from the North of England over Orange Calcite and Pink Rose Quartz. Moonbird is a celebration of warming liquorice, raspberries for their sweetness and passion, ancient magical botanicals, frankincense and heart-opening organic 100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao direct from local farmers in Guatemala. 
We take heartfelt pride and care sourcing our products, doing our best to ensure they are organic, sustainable and locally sourced...where possible of course... if only the world's best and oldest cacao plantations were in Manchester!


Maybe why Moon Bird is such a deliciously smooth Gin? You’ve probably experienced that the smallest changes can have the most profound results, which is why Moonbird is probably one of the world's most smoothest gins, or so we are repeatedly told…we’ll let you be the judge.


Our crystalline elixir is made in small batches and is ceremonially created for your sacred seasons, glitzy gatherings and creative connections.


We hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it.


With love.
Batch 2 bottles come with a Moonbird album by Kirsty Almeida, mixed by 5-times grammy award-winning, Jerry Boys, released 02.02.2020, which has gathered 5 star reviews and 4 page spreads from Guitar Magazine and a lot of radio love...