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Crystal infused with orange calcite and pink rose quartz, Moonbird gin is a celebration of warming liquorice and raspberries, ancient magical botanicals and heart opening Cacao. Tapped under the new moon our waters from Northern England’s Lake district are distilled with pure Frankincense, Cacao, Juniper & Cassia, and our fine crystalline elixir has been ceremonially created for your special gatherings and creative connections under beautiful twinkling night skies.

The Collector's Gift (only the very first 30 bottles)

To mark the beginnings of the world's first crystal infused gin we are going to share 30 very special 500ml bottles all designed by Kirsty Almeida with her botanicals of choice, ceremonially created in the distillery and infused with moon water droplets, crystals and ancient botanicals.

Kirsty has also added hand-painted gold paint to each label in her unique magical way and each bottle comes in a box with a crystal and a hand-made by Kirsty with local herbs and flowers smudge stick. Of course, there is a lovely message with Kirsty on how to use everything in your beautiful gift box.

All of these gifts have had very high vibrational music played throughout the ceremonies of creating them and are very special pieces. These are the only 30 bottles like this and Kirsty will not be making another 30 like this, each one is numbered and signed by Kirsty for you.

 When you order your special bottle you will automatically get to nominate a friend for us to send a second bottle to from the next batch as a gift from you FREE OF CHARGE . Your friend will then receive a bottle when the second batch is tapped. You can of course nominate yourself for the second bottle to drink and save the first bottle as a very special collectors piece.