Story & Awards

Defiance Spirits is a personal expression of high quality & design. The recipe was developed over 6 months experimenting with a number of foraged botanicals whilst the design & brand was co-created with an incredible graphic designer and is an expression of the foraged uniqueness of the gin. Defiance in Nature – Nature every year goes through a cycle of life; growing, blooming, dying and then after a barren winter, nature (our botanicals) fights back to grow in spring once again. Defiance in Spirit – representing our innate need to survive every day challenges & thrive – both from within & out. Bouncing back is the perfect metaphor in life & nature. Every bottle of Defiance has a MLK quote “Darkness cannot drive out darkness…” 

Defiance Gin is an ultra smooth gin due to the column head design of the still with a unique combination of foraged botanicals including sweet ciceley, tangerine root as well as the tips of spruce. Due to the foraged nature, it really is a ultra premium gin with our Defiance Navy Strength Gin winning Gold at the world SIP awards (voted by consumers) as well as the Best White Spirit at San Francisco World Spirits competition. The last time a UK distiller won this accolade was 2006.

Voted best in the world at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC), 2020.  It’s official. Defiance gin, distilled in Greater Manchester, UK, has been voted the best in the world at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Up against more than 3000 entries, Defiance Navy Strength won the ‘Best in Show, Unaged White Spirit’ category. The SFWSC was established in 2000. It is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious competitions of its type in the world. Defiance is the first British product to win the award since 2006.